17. Juni 2015, DerBloedeDritteMittwoch #42

Hui Ye (CN/A): [videoworks] Felipe Araya Muñoz (CL) cajon [konzert] Seijiro Murayama & Jean-Luc Guionet (JP/F) [konzert]


Felipe Araya Muñoz:
„I use Cajón horizontally where it rubs, percute, “amasajo”, slides, drops, waves and excites different objects and materials, some made ​​to sound and not others.Part of the essence of the work is in the transformed raw material used as wood, metal, polymers, etc. as in the spaces and places that inhabit the interventions.

I coordinate the Caja Panamericana de Improvisación – CPI sessions.
Constantly on popular drums since 1994. Autodidact and permanent exploration with occasional courses in the instrument, in various groups , times and places of Chile.“



Seijiro Murayama – snare drum / Jean-Luc Guionet – saxophone

Seijiro Murayama (percussion), who is currently based in Japan, lived in France for a number of years and since that time has performed frequently with the French alto sax player Jean-Luc Guionnet. Mishima, Day & Night is their third duo album.
Murayama uses just one or two elements of the drum set (a cymbal and a snare drum on the first track, and only a snare drum on other tracks), Guionnet plays alto sax, and together they freely create a unique and inimitable sound. The three superb tracks from the performance at Hongaku Temple vividly demonstrate the special qualities of two artists at the forefront of the international improvised music scene and retain a consistent tension from start to finish.


Hui Ye Videoworks:
„Factory Study – your instruments“ (One-Channel-Videoprojection 2013)
„4 variations of singing Kaoko“ (2014)
„for drum“ (Computer Animation – 2011)

Screenshot 2015-06-01 at 11.19.57 AM
for drum is an animated movie of a same titled composition (for a snare drum and live controlled pink noise, composed and premiered in 2011) when I worked with the visual components of noise. All of these highly similar analogue image sequences are generated in real time by audio signals.
Synchronization of sound and image as well as the search for a visual translation/transformation of sound are the main focus of my investigations, which are also crucial for other works dealing with analogue settings.

Screenshot 2015-06-01 at 11.17.32 AM
4 variations of singing Kaoko (2014)
Das Video baut auf der Form der Variationssuite – einer klassischen musikalischen Kompositionsform – auf. Als Ausgangsmaterial wurde die Sängerin von Black Page Orchester – Kaoko Amano beim Singen von G. F. Händels berühmter Arie lascia ch’io pianga („Lass mich beweinen mein grausames Schicksal“ 1711) gefilmt.
Bei dieser Arbeit fokussiert die Künstlerin nicht auf die Musik sondern das ‘Klangobjekt’: die Sängerin Kaoko. Die minimale Mimik und die Atembewegungen der Sängerin werden durch künstlerische Intervention variiert. Dadurch wird der emotionelle physische Ausdruck der Interpretin, welcher in der klassiche Musikszene vom geschulten Publikum bereits als dramaturgisches Klischee ausgeblendet wird, auf visueller Ebene verstärkt.
Die Künstlerin versucht mit dieser Arbeit mit künstlerischen Eigriffen prozesshaft die emotionellen Momente der Interpretin für die BetrachterIn/HörerIn zu öffnen und weist damit auf eine ungewöhnliche Bindung zwischen Betrachterin/Hörerin und Musikprodukzentin hin.

Screenshot 2015-06-01 at 11.18.56 AM
Factory Study – your instruments shows video portraits of the musicians of a local brass-band with their instruments on location of a giant industrial wine factory compound.Beside of the video portrait each band member was asked to play a personally chosen tone as long as they are able to.The artificial nature of the instrument is presented as pure beauty which emphasises the enormous visual contrast between human being and the industrial compound.
This project was realized in cooperation with a brass band in Weinviertel (Lower Austria).