21.10.2015, 20h30: DerBloedeDritteMittwoch #46

Anna Högberg + Mårten Magnefors + Finn Loxbo (SWE): „Dog Life“ [konzert] Stine Motland  + Felicity Mangan (NOR): „Native Instrument“ [konzert] Thomas Havlik (A): „Bara Daak“ [sound poetry]

dj: La Doctora Corazón


2015-06-28 11.20.12„Native Instrument“:
Felicity Mangan field recordings/samples &
Stine Janvin Motland voice/samples

Berlin based Native Instrument performs an atmospheric, zoological and mellow beat music built from imitation and repetition of adapted field recordings mixed with live and sampled voice.

In „Bara Daak“ Thomas Havlik ´s combining voice live-processings with prepared micropieces of letters, alphabetic strings, phonems and text snippets (from himself as well as from different field records) – letting the sounds together with his recitation and movement in the room create an expressive field of expanded interpretation, awakening languages of the subconciousness – and converting them.

Thomas Havlik, born 1978, living in Vienna, works in many fields on the boarders of text- sound- visual and performance-poetry and is co-editor of the vienna based online soundpoetrymagazin www.huellkurven.net, dedicated to sound poetry, poésie sonore, lautpoesie, noise poetry,sound-text composition, audiditve poesie etc.
soundpoetry, letter-sampeling, performance

Also brings his new cd „syllableshooter, 30 billion syllables“ published by „Edition ZZOO“, vienna.
www.thomashavlik.net (homepage currently under construction)


Anna Högberg – saxophones
Finn Loxbo- electric bass
Mårten Magnefors- drums

Dog Life explores free improvised music on a high-energetic plateau, descending from the outskirts of free jazz, and further towards a harder, darker and undefined terrain. Their debut album was released on Omlott records in september 2014. The band consists of Anna Högberg (Fire! Orchestra, Anna Högberg Attack!), Finn Loxbo (Strändernas Svall, Fire! Orchestra) and Mårten Magnefors (Dark Horse).

Listen: www.soundcloud.com/d-o-g-l-i-f-e