16.11.2016, DerBlödeDritteMittwoch#59 @ ¡¡AU!!
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fs:eins – bernd satzinger + viola falb
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foreign correspondents: hankil ryu + matija schellander + noid
#korean typewriter #jing-hu #victorian synthesizer #double bass #concert
oleg soulimenko: “the life and crimes of shultes”
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elektro guzzi dj set

fseins-cover-front_credit-martin-bilinovac-smallPhoto © Martin Bilinovac

“In der Musik von “FS:eins” sind Entschleunigung und Reduktion bestimmende Kriterien. Aus live gesampelten und prozessierten Saxofonklängen sowie solchen aus der Synthesizer-Retorte entstehen aparte Soundscapes zwischen Abstraktion und Sinnlichkeit. Akustische, elektroakustische und elektronische Klänge überlagern sich in kompakten

Strukturen von kühler Klarheit mit überraschenden Details.“ (Andreas Felber/Ö1)

Viola Falb – Saxophone.
spielt mit Falb Fiction, Phoen, TRIP-ling,… komponierte für Grabenfest, INÖK, Jeunesse, …
Bernd Satzinger -Synthesizer, Electronics.
Mitbegründer der Jazzwerkstatt Wien, spielt(e)mit Maja Osojnik Band, Studio Dan, Soft Kill Option, Orges and the Ockus Rockus Band, Hannes Löschel,Phil Minton, …

foreign correspondents CD release tour

Ryu Hankil – typewriter
Matija Schellander – double bass, victorian synthesizer
noid – cello, jing-hu

The first CD – “Tokyo Office” – is a trio of Noid, Schellander and their main collaborator on this tour: Ryu Hankil from Seoul. It was recorded in the Ftarri shop in Tokyo, an intimate setting, a perfect concert situation for close, concentrated listening. The result is a 44 minute set of unmusical musicality with sounds of typewriter, drums, double bass, cello, jing-hu and victorian synthesizer.

The second CD – “Field Report” – is the travelogue of one month of concerts, field recordings, workshops, dinners, getting lost, missing planes, stretched and contracted gut strings in the temperature and humidity extremes from Okinawa to Beijing, collaborating with locals and other traveling musicians, exposing sometimes strict concepts to confusing listening situations from Seoul rooftops to Osaka market stands to Hong Kong industrial buildings. Snippets and cuts composed in chronological order to an immersive flow of changing spaces and societies, on the turning point between being in and out.

Photo © Oleg Soulimenko

Oleg Soulimenko (RUS/AT): “The Life and Crimes of Shultes”

The performance is based on re-editing a film, which tells about the relationship between an individual and society, whereby it also captures a new state of mind in Russia. As a piece “The Life and Crimes of Shultes” deals with the associative abilities of the audience and plays with the power of the narrator, accompanied by a live soundtrack.