17.8.2016 DerBloedeDritteMittwoch #56

Wolfgang Fuchs & Cordula Boesze: anfECHTen – das boesze zweite duo [konzert] Egyre Finomån: „string back cue“ [performance/konzert] Julia Zastava (RUS) „something must happen“ [performance/video]

das blöde DJ-Team


egyre finomån: „string back cue“
die rosa gießkanne in semiramis hand
anfECHTen: das boesze zweite duo
wolfgang fuchs: turntables
cordula boesze: in- and outside flute

mehrere versuche über ein halbes quartett ohne doppelten boden
1. die flöte fährt sich einen platten ein, die platten gehen flöten
2. rohre werden neu verlegt, der dj dreht das saallicht ab
3. vorspeisenteller im improkeller
4. rohrspatzl und drehwurm
5. a und o
in my boyfriends mome suite
Julia Zastava (RU):  „something must happen“ [performance/video]
“Something must happen” exposes a dream-like reality and shows a life based on a mode of consciousness that could be considered as entranced. In a series of different sceneries, Julia Zastava performs actions in an enchanted way. Even when on her own, she fulfills her tasks without questioning. Elements taken from computer games define the flow, a whip leads through the trip, before it gets finally burned. The effort to escape pre-constructed habits ends in a prefigured mode. The other side, another possible solution, lies in the spectator’s eye.

Why does the lady keep on peeling potatoes in the sleeping room? The whip knows. She fulfills duties like in a game. Jewels will be the reward. But only abstract ones, sketches of gems, whose colors seemed to have disappeared into the sky, the waters or into the rainbow of the meditative closing scene. The fulfillment of the induced expectations lies beyond the screen, the images might give a call to reach out beyond too. The video triggers, but does not unveil. It is up to the viewer to anticipate other outcomes.
(Philipp Levar)

Julia Zastava at the age of 23 graduated in Moving images from Moscow University. At the same time she started working with paintings and installations, mostly using her videos as part of objects. Since 2012 she lives in Vienna and studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, continuing to research her favorite topic, transformations.

– Something must happen 8 min, 2016
– In my boyfriend’s mom suite  2 min, 2015
– Gelation 2 min 45, 2015
– Another day 3 min 50, 2014
– Mechanism of movements 4 min 10, 2012