17.2.2016, 20h30 @rhiz DerBloedeDritteMittwoch #50

JD Zazie [konzert] receptacles: Anton Toorell, Denis Egberth, Joseph Williamson [konzert] Kaja Farszky & Dinka Radonic [live percussion & video – AV-performance] moestroem DJ-set


kaja farszky

Kaja Farszky and Dinka Radonić: „O2 H2O RGB“

Audio visual work for percussion and video. The piece is based on construction and deconstruction of artistic process. Video projection in this piece is linked directly to the performance of the musician, one is not complete without the other. There are 3 performances recorded in advance and divided in 3 additive primary colours which are red, green and blue. The sound of every colour follows its own video and it moves (comes in and out) like the video. With this process we wanted to decomposed the picture on its primary components and back composed to its original colours. During the process we get various different colours same as the various combination of sound that moves with the picture combined with live performance. As for the music, the composition is based on improvisation but with specific sound combination on metal percussion instruments mixed with water in aquarium. Both sound and video are flowing throughout the whole piece which makes the listener confused about the real source of the sound and the projection is projected through transparent black fabric, on the percussionists white shirt and on the walls behind.


unspecifiedReceptacles make music that disturbs easy categorization. While listeners may hear influences from no-wave, afro-beat, free jazz, funk or punk, Receptacles are not simply a mix of these styles. They have harnessed an essence of spontaneity and in doing so have created something unique and completely their own.
Receptacles wilfully instigate and manipulate an elasticity of form, key, tempo and metre. The absurdist, spoken- word lyrics act as the lynchpin in the reckless, hectic, headlong, joyful collision of rhythms and riffs. An anarchistic relationship to group dynamics ensures a strong, original, unified sound, where the sum is more than the parts, and yet the parts are more than the sum.

JD Zazie_by Luisa CatucciJD ZAZIE
In Berlin lebende italienische Turntablist, DJ, Künstlerin und Kuratorin. Sie arbeitet an der Schnittstelle von Architektur, Urbanismus, Akustischer Szenografie, Klangkunst, Musik und Radio.
Als DJ, als Solistin und als Mitglied in vielen Ensembles konzentriert sie sich auf experiementelle Musik, ständig die Konventionen des Turntablism, der Musique Concrète, des Field Recordings, der freien Improvisation und der komponierten Musik erweiternd.
Ihre eigenen künstlerischen Arbeiten präsentierte sie auf zahlreiche internationalen Events und Ausstellungen wie Reheat Festival (AT), High Zero (US), Tuned City Bruxelles (BE), Music Unlimited #27 (AT), Open Provocation festival (UK), Festival Rue du Nord (CH), Audiograft 2012 (UK), Echtzeitmusiktage 2010 (DE), STEIM’s Turntable Night 7 (NL), Avantgarde Festival Schiphorst (DE).
Sie ist Mitbegründerin des Studio Urban Resonance, Mitglied des italienischen Labels Burb Enterprise und Co-Leiterin des Staalplaat Radios.  Sie ist künstlerische Leiterin des internationalen Festivals „MuseRuole – women in experimental music“ in Bozen.