19.10.2016, DerBlödeDritteMittwoch#58

Yes Deer: Karl Bjorå & Anders Vestergaard & Signe Dahlgreen #konzert #energetic #improvisation
BEAM SPLITTER: Audrey Chen (US) & Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø (NO) #konzert #cello #voc #trombone
Julischka Stengele: ALL EYES ON US #video #queer #body
David Schweighart & Andreas Trobollowitsch #konzert #drums #ventilator
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Yes Deer (concert)yesdeerbrotz

Yes Deer (Karl Bjorå & Anders Vestergaard & Signe Dahlgreen) is thunderous and hyper expressive free jazz. It’s the sound of cells in ecstasy, and collective physical momentum, that aims for the libido before the intellect and takes hold like a fierce pitbull terrier.

The trio has arrived at a way of making music that, derived from improvisation, now is more of a collective physical ritual and a ceremony of chaos. And their latest album, Get your glitter jacket, is an attempted condensation of the bands current output.

Since 2011 the multi-Scandinavian band has been touring in most parts of Europe at both clubs, squats and festivals, and in 2014 they released their debut album “The Talk Of Tennis” through Gaffer records. For the new album, Gaffer Records has joined forces with the Copenhagen based label Insula Music and the French label BeCoq records.



BEAM SPLITTER is the duo of Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø (NO) and Audrey Chen (US). Using the trombone and voice, they maneuver a balance between fragility, intimacy, the ecstatic and measured control. They share a common sense of pulse and an inherent understanding of the way they each aurally manage and let go of every consecutive moment. The lungs release through to mouths to bell, back and forth like a tactile breathing exchange.

Since beginning their collaboration in 2015, Nørstebø and Chen have been extensively touring the globe, in Europe, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil, and the USA. They have taken part in larger commissioned works at the Teatro Colon, Buenos Aires and largely conceptualized a theatrical adaptation of MEDEA in front of the Olympic Stadium in Kiev, Ukraine (for butoh dancers and musicians) produced by the Ukho Agency. They have shared their collaborative projects with artists such as Phil Minton, Bob Ostertag, Michael Vorfeld, Thomas Rohrer, Valentin Tszin, Flavia Ghisalberti and Leonel Kaplan. Beam Splitter will release their debut album in 2017.

/“*Beam Splitter* is highly improvised, extremely crafted and held in an iron will for experimentation.“ / – Jean Louis Fernandez,*La Nacion*, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2016.

sound: www.soundcloud.com/beamsplitter/marahau
video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=dkB20l3w5-c
home pages: www.beamsplitter.orgwww.henriknorstebo.comwww.audreychen.com

Julischka Stengele: ALL EYES ON US (video/performance)
ALL EYES ON US is a group performance centered on representational critique, questions of in/visibility, systematic oppression of marginalised bodies and strategies for empowerment. ALL EYES ON US speaks from an intersectional, queer-feminist perspective, discussing issues of classism, racism, sexism, transphobia, fat hatred, homophobia, the devaluation of all what is considered feminine as well as elitism in the context of art and knowledge production. Performative strategies go hand in hand with spoken word and visual codes in this dense and multi-layered work. Brought on stage by a collective body consisting of individuals.Video documentation of the live performance, presented in the life-drawing hall at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in June 2015.
Julischka Stengele is a transdisciplinary artist, organiser, writer and educator based in Vienna. She studied Visual Communication, Performance, Fine Arts and Cultural Studies in Berlin, Helsinki and the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna from where she graduated in 2015.
http://www.julischka.euDavid Schweighart & Andreas Trobollowitsch (concert)
moozak, rinderhalle, media opers, experimental music, noise

moozak, rinderhalle, media opers, experimental music, noise

Schweighart und Trobollowitsch betreiben akustische Klangforschung im Spannungsfeld der Physis selbstgebauter Maschinen und der eigenen Handgreiflichkeit an Schlagzeug und Bass, die durch vereinzelte elektronische Signale zerbrochen wird. Das Ganze bleibt tendenziell ungriffig, vermag uns aber dennoch aus dem daraus entstandenen Unbehagen durch eventuelle Härte zu befreien, wie ein Sturm die tropisch feuchte Hitze verweht.


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