15.02.2017, DerBlödeDritteMittwoch#62
20h30 @rhiz

Walter Ego: Ich bin ein Anderer [performance/lesung] #love #romantic #desire
Rinus van Alebeek [konzert] #soundpoetry #procedural
Lars Stigler [konzert] #organic drone #postrock

Walter Ego: Ich bin ein Anderer [performance/lesung] #love #romantic #desire
Walter Ego ist viele und doch ein anderer. Sporadisches öffentliches Auftreten, um dann in dem zeitlosen Nichts unterzutauchen. Die porösen Resultate der mäandernden radikalen Selbstbefragung Walter Egos liegen nun als Zeichnungen und Notizen in einem Buch vor. Also die größte, jemals zwischen Buchdeckel gepresste Leerstelle aller Zeiten!
Photo: Peter Haselmayer

Rinus van Alebeek [konzert] #soundpoetry #procedural
After Trump won the elections I felt it was time to drastically change my way of performing. ‚Inspired‘ by the no-dialogue cult of the populists and the extreme right movements I decided to abolish the classical performance-listening concept (which is a form of one-way communication) and to break in into my concert setting. Instead of the result of a creative process, it is,a presentation, I’d like to show the process itself, with all its risks, doubts and possible failures. I will use tapes and various tape machines. I am open for discussions about this approach.

Lars Stigler [konzert] #organic drone #postrock
This Viennese guitarist has been working quietly, in all senses of the word, for just over a decade now. Samarium is his fourth solo release in that time and showcases a patience and clarity of technique. As the lengthy title hints, a tonally complex yet scrupulously observed phenomenon continually unfolds until it inhabits a wide vista of sound. In the musical world this is revealed through initially delicate and deliberately plucked notes against a rising hum of chorus. Stigler stretches the first two long pieces into divided movements, suggesting natural process, before releasing a more synthesized arrangement for radio static saturated guitar and piano harmonics. Stigler’s compositions have a little in common with Oren Ambarchi’s more restrained moments or Giuseppe Ielasi at his least abstract. But truthfully his music is on it’s own track… one that is less interested by the density of structures and with a simplicity that is more about clarity than minimalism for it’s own sake. These are themes for traveling deep into the heart of things or observing the sweep of great distances.

“ ‘Mon Rideau Noir’ is the debut solo album from Mimi Secue member Lars Stigler, and it’s a very pleasant surprise. Taking in influence from the classic post rock of Tortoise, the opening track ‘Albatross’ is a masterclass in Rhodes-drenched beauty. Knowing Mimi Secue’s upbeat post-pop I wasn’t really expecting Stigler’s solo jaunt to be so subtly affecting but it’s incredibly accomplished, and wonderfully restrained. As the album progresses we get taken further into deep ambient, reminding me of Tim Hecker or Gas, and then down into melancholic post rock again before ending on ten minutes of the most gorgeous organic drone music this side of Stars of the Lid. A seriously good record this is probably my favourite release on the Radian-connected Karate Joe label and a must for fans of dusty post rock everywhere.” (Boomkat)

– So far released 4 solo albums: „Im ZImmer“ 1997 *** „Sommerschlaf & Winterreise“ 2001 *** „Mon Rideau Noir“ 2003 *** „Samarium-cobalt compound impulse-release magnets and linear resistance inputs“ 2007
– Composed the music for the Dance piece „Seikes“ by choreographer Elio Gervasi in 2008
– Scores for silent movies for the Filmarchiv Austria and the Viennale-international Film Festival 2007, 2010 and 2011
– Played in ‚Contour‘ (2001-2003), ‚Mimi Secue‘ (2001-2003)
Works as a sound engineer for Soap&Skin, Metamorphosis, Charmant Rouge, !oh and at the rhiz in vienna

Lars Stigler

Walter Ego

Rinus van Alebeek