18.01.2017, DerBlödeDritteMittwoch#61
19h30 @echoraum, Sechshauser Str. 66, 1150 Wien

MOND: petr vrba & pasi mäkelä & ken ganfield
#well-seasoned #impromadness #squeak #modular # concert
sööt/zeyringer: solutions for problems
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barbara togander & vinzenz schwab
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Prague based, well seasoned improvisers Petr Vrba (CZ), Pasi Mäkelä (FIN) and Ken Ganfield (USA) unite forces. Electric trumpet improv madness, spacey modular synth squeaks and drones with tribal free percussion´s and vocals.

Pasi Mäkelä
Finnish musician and performer based in Prague. Plays actively in with garage gospel group Spermbankers, runs Finnish performance music group Sabotanic Garden and co-runs Czech-Finnish microlabel Meteorismo Records with Tomas Prochazka. Performs physical solo performances as well as music, music solo project goes under name PAM, which released first CD 2014. Often mixing experimental music and contemporary performance arts.

Ken Ganfield
American musician based in Prague, commonly found playing solo electronics or as CAPS LOCK, and occasionally with the Prague Improvisation Orchestra and Total Verquert.

Petr Vrba
His unrelenting explorations of non-idiomatic improvisation using trumpets, clarinet, vibrating speakers, diy electronics etc., made him one of the most active experimental musicians in Prague these days.

The MOND @soundcloud:

Solutions for Problems
work in progress by Sööt/ZeyringerSolutions for Problems deals with the process of finding creative solutions to situations that appear to have no solution. Sööt/Zeyringer explore not only how to solve problems and overcome obstacles but also examine other strategies to relate to an obstacle.

Sööt/Zeyringer (Dorothea Zeyringer and Tiina Sööt) is an artist duo that collaborates since 2012. The artist duo Tiina Sööt and Dorothea Zeyringer deals with performance at the intersection of visual arts and dance. In their works, the two artists try to find beauty, poetry, wit and absurdity in every-day objects, acts and language. They have been presented at imagetanz 2013 and 2015 (brut Wien), Wir lassen sie einfach angelehnt (VBKÖ), fresh – Tanztage Braunschweig, In-Formation Performative Month (Künstlerhaus Passagegalerie) and Ve.sch (Vienna), among others.

Photo: Raffaela Bielesch and Sööt/Zeyringer

barbara togander & vinzenz schwab

barbara togander aus buenos aires (experimental stimme & sängerin der
band FOTO)

vinzenz schwab
born 1981 in hl.kr.a.w.
2002-2005 study of computermusic and electronic media
at elak (university of music, vienna).
works in the field of electroacoustic composition, improvised music/live electronics, sounddesign and music for film/video. co-organisational work for the plattform velak. audiorecording of any kind.