18.10.2017  DerBloedeDritteMittwoch#69, 20h30 @ rhiz

Owl / Karl Bjorå (NO) & Signe Emmeluth (DK) [concert] Tony Renaissance (A) “Baby takes the trash out” [concert] Frans Poelstra/Oleg Soulimenko (A/NL/RU) [performance/concert] with special guest Oksana Zmiyevska (UA/A) [live-drawing]: “Be unreal”

fotos ©ArnoldHaberl

Karl Bjorå (NO) – Guitar & electronics
Signe Emmeluth (DK) – Alto saxophone & electronics
#cinematic #contact #free #concert #minimalism

In a cinematic room in which the sounds seem to be moving around inside your head, an uncertainty about where the sounds are coming from occurs.
The freely improvising duo Owl organically blends the acoustic sounds from the alto saxophone with the electric sounds from the electric guitar, contact microphones, and other electronics.
Their free play with preparations as well as the sense of room and depth display the duo’s influences by noise, minimalism and free improvisation.

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/owl-norway/sets/december-session
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhKFsKWGs7E&feature=share

Tony Renaissance: “Baby takes the trash out”
#electronic #multilayered #heavy #soundscape #beat #concert

“Tony Renaissance schafft eine flüchtige, ungeschlachte elektronische Landschaft, die raue und feine Sounds mit Synth-Streichern, tiefen und schweren Beats und vielschichtigen Chorstimmen vereint.”
Dream pop, Synthpop, elektronisch, experimentell.

Frans Poelstra & Oleg Soulimenko
Guest: Oksana Zmiyevska
“Be unreal”
#performance #concert #live_drawing #stubborn #loveThe Vienna-based Dutch-Russian electroacoustic alliance will offer you some fleshly lo-fi tunes, loaded voices and stubborn faces, the perfect atmosphere for love and dance. This time they are accompanied by a talented young Ukrainian visual artist, who will do ‘live-drawing’, a must-see!Image: Oksana Zmiyevska

Tony Renaissance

Karl Bjorå and Signe Emmeluth
Frans Poelstra, Oleg Soulimenko and special guest Oksana Zmiyevska