19.7.2017 DerBloedeDritteMittwoch#67, 20h30 @ rhiz

Klaus Filip & Agnes Hvizdalek (A): „denoise“ [konzert] Otto Krause & Milan Loviška (A/SK): „enclosed pleasure“ [performance/installation] Philipp Quehenberger (A) [konzert]

foto: Lisi Charwat

„Denoise“ is a collaboration between sine wave specialist Klaus Filip and experimental vocalist Agnes Hvizdalek. They share a strong desire to explore and expand the borders that define music. Their collaboration is characterised by a generous understanding of time combined with a carefully thought-out musical structure and form. The sources of the sounds they produce – pure unprocessed vocal sounds on the one hand and clean electronically produced tones on the other hand – could not be more different. Still they blend in the most natural manner and create organic and potentially never ending soundscapes that oscillate between intensity and fragility.
here are two short sound excerpts: http://filipino.klingt.org/denoise/

foto: Bernhard Kleber

„enclosed pleasure“

In reference to Octave Mirbeau’s „The Torture Garden“, the artists Otto Krause and Milan Loviška plant in this one-on-one performance installation the utopian potential of an urge for sexual liberty in a “hortus conclusus” and through the practice of „total enclosure“ harvest sublimated violence, death and lust. In their own post – pornographic approach they raise the questions of visibility and focus opposing the superficial societal self-exposure and display with the creation of intimacy and eroticism that are subjects of passion and poetic contemplation.
The installation premiered at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna in June 2013 and since then, with each location, finds a new space for a meaning that, at first, is always a utopian space. In this context, space is a simulation that extends from womb and through skin to a place of “stepping out of the world”. It is a magnified image of the body and a miniaturized image of the world providing warmth and safety like a flesh that encloses ego to protect it against undifferentiated contacts.

Concept: Otto Krause, Creation / Performance: Otto Krause, Milan Loviška
A production of Territorium KV

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/91430391
http://ottookrause.com/, http://www.loviska.com/
Fb: @TerritoriumKV, Twitter: @thirdlifeserver

Philipp Quehenberger

„Ich verwende Sounds mit hohem Geräuschanteil. Die Geräusche überlagern sich, lösen sich in Harmonien auf. Irgendwann hört man dann die Geräusche nicht mehr. Mir geht es weniger um Noise als schlicht um die Möglichkeit, sich in den Sounds verlieren zu können.“ (PQ)

Der gebürtige Tiroler Philipp Quehenberger gehört zu den professionellsten Musikern in der österreichischen Szene. Ausgebildet am Innsbrucker Konservatorium gibt es kaum ein Genre, das er später nicht für sich entdeckt. Hardcore, Metal, Jazz und Elektronik erhebt er zu seiner Spielwiese.

Otto Krause & Milan Loviška