DerBlödeDritteMittwoch #87
19. JUNI 2019, 20h30
!! immer noch NEUES LOCATION !!
@steiner8, Steinergasse 8, 1170 Wien

Denise Palmieri & Ana Threat [performance]
Jacques Demierre (voc) & Anouck Genthon (vl) [konzert]
Dario Sanfilippo & Daniel Lercher [konzert]


„A bad drummer and a bad poet meet to give each other a safe space for playing and expressing their art. An improvisation with drum machine, poetry and live drums.

We’ll be taking the stage while not being perfect as a mutual empowerment for both artists and audience. We invite everyone to try to experience the feeling of being big and small at the same time, exploring with the expression from the inside but making ourselves small from the outside because our skills are not good enough against neoliberal doctrines of endless self optimization. let’s expose and embrace our imperfections together in full auto mode.“

The duo work of Jacques Demierre – voice and Anouck Genthon – violin, is poetic and musical.
They perform pieces influenced by the European experimental sound poetry and by the vocal and instrumental poetic touareg tradition.
Both voice and violin draw on the poetic expression of speech and on the sung poetry with accompaniment by anzad (touareg one string fiddle from Niger).
Together they play a heterophonic soundscape of voice and strings, an intense and clear interweaving verbal and musical stuff, where sounds, breaths, frictions, silences, vowels and consonants trace their own way.
this show is kindly supported by swiss arts council / pro helvetia | SIS | republique et canton de geneve


Lercher/Sanfilippo duo: „analogue and digital feedback systems

Daniel Lercher and Dario Sanfilippo will explore improvisation through the combination of their analogue and digital feedback techniques.