DerBlödeDritteMittwoch #83
20. Februar 2019, 20h30
@rhiz Wien, U-Bahnbogen 37-38 / Lerchenfeldergürtel

András Cséfalvay (SK): „Funeral of Margaret Thatcher and fireworks at the end of the world“ [tabletop opera/performance]
Tiziana Bertoncini (SK/I/A) plays “Beton” by Peter Jakober & “Nero Lento” by Tiziana Bertoncini [konzert]
Taku Sugimoto / Félicie Bazelaire / Léo Dupleix (JP/F) [konzert]

© András Cséfalvay

András Cséfalvay #tabletop-opera #performance
„Funeral of Margaret Thatcher and fireworks at the end of the world“

Visual artist András Cséfalvay will perform his tabletop musical about the funeral of dame Margaret Thatcher and other pieces fictive in nature, rich with textual and musical layers, but nonetheless having in mind the political and transformative aspects of a song. 
Planets, dinosaurs, historic figures of past and future appear, and all voice concern over the coming days, years of a species. A requiem of sorts. 

András is a visual artist from Bratislava. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, after brief studies of Mathematics, he finished his PhD about the usefulness and reality of fictitious worlds. His earlier video operas won the Oskar Cepan award for young visual artists in 2009 and other film festival awards. In 2014 he released a musical album with Lom label.

Tiziana Bertoncini

Tiziana Bertoncini #concert

Tiziana Bertoncini plays two compositions in which the live violin confronts (or mirrors) itself with the tape, which is at times a counterpoint, an alter-ego, a double, an ally or a contender.

“Beton” by Peter Jakober develops from a breath melody to a duel, in which the moves are precisely calculated.

In “Nero Lento” by Tiziana Bertoncini the violinist and the tape are figures of an off kilter music-theatre piece.

Trio Bazelaire / Dupleix / Sugimoto

Trio Bazelaire / Dupleix / Sugimoto #concert

After a first meeting in Paris, Félicie Bazelaire, Léo Dupleix and Taku Sigimoto decided to team up again in order to deepen their experimentations, from free composition to structured improvisations. The field of their sonic researches is from microtonality, concrete sounds and melodies. Taku Sugimoto proposes a peculiar relationship to temporality, witch stretch their music and give it a very special atmosphere, both swaying and delicate. Collective and individual compositions, improvisations, solos and trio are intertwined, and can overlap or be modified depending on concert situations.

Félicie Bazelaire

Double bass

Her work is articulated around classical repertory, contemporary and improvised music, and teaching. She is working on a new repertory for double bass solo, with pieces from musicians-improvisers such as P. Bosshard, B. Denzler, and D’incise (Basse seule, from Bertrand Denzler released on Confront label). She performs her own composition in solo (Hits, on Remote Resonator web label) and in duo with Bertrand Denzler (The Lair), with the trio DouBaP (Benjamin Dousteyssier and Laurent Pascal), and in different meeting situations (Christian Alvear, Cyprien Busolini, Michel Doneda, Joel Grip…). She is the founder of the string ensemble CoÔ, and a member of Onceim (dir. Frederic Blondy). She holds a master degree in music pedagogy.

Léo Dupleix

Lap top – objects / composition

After studying jazz piano in different conservatories in France and Belgium, Léo Dupleix is now dedicating himself to experimental and improvised music. He uses different tools for sonic production, resonances of motorised objects, sine tones, white noises, feed-back, voice, and field recordings. His field of action is large and comprise compositions, concerts, and performances. As a composer he is working on the possibilities of just intonation and microtonality, while with objects he keeps interest in contingencies, errors, and improvised musical gestures. He explores the notion of space: physical, sonic, social, mental…. Collaborations with: Simon Roy Christensen, Taku Sugimoto, Felicie Bazelaire, Bertrand Denzler, Ura Hiroyuki, Max Louis Raugel, Minami Saeki, Pascal Battus, Lauri Hyvärinen…

Taku Sugimoto

Guitare / composition

Currently he is more active in composing, while maintaining an interest in improvisation.

These past few years he has performed, worked, and collaborated closely with Radu Malfatti, Manfred Werder, Stefan Thut, Cristian Alvear, Christian Kobi, Simon Roy Christensen, Johnny Chang, Takeshi Masubuchi, and Minami Saeki. He is a member of Suidobashi Chamber Ensemble, an ensemble focusing on performing compositions of contemporary or experimental music.