Der Bloede Dritte Mittwoch #111

common terrain

20.10.2021, 19:30


Live Stream:: Echoraeume

(unfortunately Stephanie had to cancel – so it was Andreas Berger solo)

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Gloria Amesbauer’s Periphery №1

Gloria Amesbauer’s Periphery №1 is an electronic and vocal live-set. It is the first practice of the sequent continuation and expansion of the periphery.
Peripherie is the active work with intuition and an ongoing research-project.

Look how small and big you are.
Look how wide and blurry, how minimal.
Watch yourself while you look at your skin
and your upper-leg-muscles and your breasts and your spine.
Take action and move the frame.
The voice touches and fills the inner margins of the body
The bike is the pace which creates outer borders and the fluidity of those
The water is in the cracks and everywhere,
we are of it.

Inspiration: Tamara Friebel and Silvia Federicis book: Beyond the Periphery of the skin.

Andi Berger solo (Stephanie couldn’t come)

A dialogue between a musician and a dancer who have been trying together for many years already.

Music: Andreas Berger
Performance: Stephanie Cumming

Anna Anderluh & Eyal Maoz

Der Blöder Mittwoch revives its ‚blind date encounters‘ tradition; this time with Anna Anderluh & Eyal Maoz:

Die in Klagenfurt geborene Sängerin, Komponistin, Performerin und Musikerin Anna Anderluh bewegt sich gekonnt zwischen Jazz und Literatur, Musiktheater und Performance, experimenteller und Neuer Musik. Ein großer Teil spielt sich im improvisierten Bereich ab, auch das Unvollendete wird miteinbezogen. Seit 2019 ist sie zusammen mit Verena Zeiner, Sara Zlanabitnig und Milly Groz im Leitungsteam des Vereins Fraufeld. Ganz frisch ist auch ihr erstes Solo-Album „Leave me Something Stupid“ (2021).

Eyal Maoz is an Israeli-born American composer, guitarist and bandleader. His music integrates rock, jazz and avant-garde, tinged with electronic and radical Jewish-Middle-Eastern sound. He’s a Tzadik, Ayler, Out Now, Orenda and Piadrum Records artist and a member of John Zorn’s Cobra and Zorn Book of Angels (arranged by Shanir Blumekkranz‘) Abraxas ensembles. In a recent review, the NYC publication Downtown Music Gallery writes ‚Eyal Maoz is one of the best electric guitarists to emerge from the Downtown scene over the past decade plus.‘