Der Bloede Dritte Mittwoch #117

Achtung: frueh & puenktlich

20.04.2022, 18:00

ROTOR / Factory im Künstlerhaus

Gastspiel im „ROTOR – sound and performance“ @ Factory im Künstlerhaus
Eingang Bösendorferstraße 10, 1010 Wien

Reservierung hier:

suggested Donation € 10.- vor Ort

// Lan Sticker und Robert Prosser: DRUMBADOUR [literatur&schlagzeug]
// THE (new) CONSTELLATION (Tina Kult – Agnes Varnai): „THE TENT“ [film]
// NicoNote + WANG Inc. [konzert]



Lan Sticker am Schlagzeug und Robert Prosser am Mikro – konzentriert sich auf das Wesentliche: Rhythmus und Stimme finden zu einer radikalen Form des Erzählens. Raps und Beats von ebenso jazziger wie knallharter Energie, reduziert zum größtmöglichen Freiraum für Sprache und Takt. Kein Wort zuviel, kein Schlag daneben, ergibt das einen außergewöhnlichen Zusammenschluss von Literatur und Musik.


T(n)C: „The Tent“ (Tina Kult & Agnes Varnai)

The Tent“ (Tina Kult & Agnes Varnai)

The last drops dried up. The promise of endless growth did not come true. Society evaporated into the endless thirst for self- optimization, youth and immortality. Humans sit in temporary dwellings with chaotic dreams and never ending anticipation, but it is a dying planet.
Two protagonists set out on a quest to break out of this drought. They are like heroes, born in a bleached out vision of paradise. They seek for an invisible place, everyone knows about, but only few have ever experienced it. A physical site that is spread in time and space, one can observe a little piece of it, but never the whole.

The characters go through a liberating act of transformation to navigate in this unknown: They pull everything out they know and soak it in to relearn!
In a time when the concerns of humanity seem too complex to be related to the individual, ‘The Tent’ moves in the space of the unconscious and questions common cultural images and symbols.

Duration: 18’53 | concept and realization: T(n)C | sound: Rojin Sharafi | 3D art and animation: Tímea Strott | additional camera: Péter Várnai

NicoNote + Wang Inc.: LIMBO SESSION live

NicoNote & WANG Inc. - photo © Giada De Nigris

NicoNote & WANG Inc. – photo © Giada De Nigris

Sound performance/concert of improvisational music, between electronic, voice and poetry.

NicoNote (It/A) performer and singer, is a transversal artist with a sparkling talent from her beginnings with Violet Eves to the nights at Morphine at Cocoricò and up to Romeo Castellucci’s theatre.
Wang Inc. (It) is an electronic artist, extrapolating synthetic sounds and rhythms from digital machines and analogue synths. Recently NicoNote and Wang Inc. produced Limbo Session Vol. 1 released by Rizosfera / Rough Trade.
The result of their ‚dialogue‘ is an auteur sound laboratory, a powerful and visionary journey suspended between poetry, experimentation and dancefloor.