Der Bloede Dritte Mittwoch #120

What is Music?

21.09.2022, 19:30


Live Stream:: Echoraeume

Paolo Possidente: „PHOLO“ /prepared drums/objects/electronics
Claudia Bosse & Markus Gradwohl: „Les chooses sanglantes 2“ /perfomance
Michael Zacherl & Michael Fischer: „M&M“ /scivolo/saxophone

M&M [concert]

Michael Zacherl – scivolo
Michael Fischer – feedback-saxophone

Austausch in Echtzeit, Klang und klangnahe Sprache sind Aktionsraum in dem Reales, Imaginiertes in ihrem Werden und Vergehen präsent sind. Scivolo und Feedback-Saxophon – experimentelle Klangsprachen, elektronisch und akustisch, Positionen wie z. B. das Politische, im Sinn der Interaktion von Gruppe und Individuum in einer omnipräsenten Verwertungslogik oder das nicht profitorientierte Agieren in einer alltäglich geforderten Selbstvermarktung sind Teil des performativen Narrativs.

LES CHOSES SANGLANTES 2 [performative encounter]

Claudia Bosse- Les choses sanglantes © Dagmar Troestler

Claudia Bosse- Les choses sanglantes © Dagmar Troestler

Claudia Bosse und Markus Gradwohl

Ghosts too are weeds that whisper tales of many pasts and yet-to-comes that surround us.
but there are also ghosts we cannot see and we choose to forget.
they don’t sit still.
they leave traces; they disturb our plans. they crack through pavements.
they tell us about stretches of ancient time, and contemporary layerings of time, collapsed together in landscapes.

Überschreibung der introduction of „the art of living on a damaged planet“ G6/7 von Nils Bruband, Elaine Gan, Heather Swanson, Anna Tsing.

PHOLO [concert]

Paolo Possidente – drums

Through the voluntary exposure to noise and the exploration of the possible interaction between percussion and electronics PHOLO is questioning ‚what is music‘. From this ground emerge samples of easy melodies and harmonies, distant reminiscences or visions of a shining world. Paolo Possidente is a drummer and sound artist from Turin, Italy.