Der Bloede Dritte Mittwoch #126

the inflatable moment

15.03.2023, 19:00


live stream: echoraeme

*** Fetish #31 // Cat Hope [konzert] 

*** You take my breath away // Anne Glassner & Evamaria Müller

 [performative sound installation]

*** In the journey of light // AudeRose, Jakob Schauer, chora malik, Philip Leitner [Audio visual konzert]

*** Fetish #31 // Cat Hope [konzert] 

Karl Ockelford

Solo improvised bass noise performed by Cat Hope, as part as her solo series ‚Fetish‘ that began in 2000. Cat Hope is an Australian musician, composer and researcher whose work focuses on musical extremes, in this case, the lower end of the sound spectrum.



*** You take my breath away // Anne Glassner & Evamaria Müller

[performative sound installation]


Ich denke an meine aufblasbare Ausstellung im Traum zurück!

Wie gerne würde ich sie nochmal besuchen..

photo: Lisi Lang


Anne Glassner is a visual artist and performer based in Vienna. Her performances, videos, installations and drawings deal with intensive observations on recurring, everyday, often banal acts. The theme of sleep has been a central point of her artistic work for some time now, which she expresses, amongst other ways, through “sleep performances“, in which she allows others to observe her sleeping in unusual places.

Evamaria Müller is interested in the formation of landscapes, the natural, technical and cultural mixing processes which come with that and what these (inter)actions sound like. In her mostly site-specific works, Müller combine field recordings, found footage and interviews with sound experiments using collected fragments and objects.



*** In the journey of light // AudeRose, Jakob Schauer, chora malik, Philip Leitner [Audio visual konzert]


In the journey of light” is a surreal audio-visual performance combining experimental sound, analog projection, poetry and electro acoustic.

The performance is an imaginary journey, a surrealist shadow play where the four performers combine voice and electronic soundscape.

The room becomes an immersive flickering light space, an electric movie set immersing the viewer in cinematic tale.



AudeRrose is multi-disciplinary artist working with performance, photography, sound and projection. She regularly presents her performances in international festivals. Her imagery plays with narrative structures, developing dreamy and intimate universes, exploring various forms of interplay between body, images in motion, deconstructive narrations and self-mythology.

Jakob Schauer is a musician and performer from Vienna. He has an extensive CV of solo and collaborative performances that include fixed media, audio-visual, sound for silent film and pure electronics, both improvised and rhythm focused. He has performed at a wide range of festivals that include Klangmanifeste, Playground AV Festival or Oktolog and played DJ gigs at VOLLKONTAKT in Vienna.

Philip Leitner

Philip Leitner is an Austrian musician and computer artist, born 1981 in Graz. He uses both: piano and everyday objects, to create sound. He combines Real Time Computer Post-processing, micro sounds and a prepared piano. His compositions are of aleatory essence, he describes his works as procedures, not in sounds or notes. Leitner performs solo and with numerous domestic and foreign artists with diverse backgrounds.

chora malik is a Vienna-based author, language and performance artist. Her texts are situated between poetry and prose and, like her performances, follow approaches critical of language, media, and society. Thematically, she deals with the relationship between human – language – consciousness – identity, wich she places in the context of a digital, stimulus-flooded world.